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This past weekend was rad exploring Washington and Vancouver with @wadegodman & @bsonnntag. Luckily we stopped here to say hi to an old friend. Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!
Walking around the streets of Hong Kong this past summer was rad. All the architecture this city holds is unreal. I have always wanted to visit this spot after seeing it in so many movies. I always enjoy going to places and imagine the production set that was once here. Thankfully I brought my tiny fan this day because it was a hot one 😂
Watching the man @slatertrout do his thing was a sight to watch. This day we rolled up to one of the most famous breaks in the world Teahupo'o and watched him kill it. Crazy to watch the sheer power and strength of these waves.
There’s nothing like watching the power of a waterfall and all the colors it creates around it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! 🙌🏼
Fun seeing these little guys run around the beach. Always funny watching them trip over themselves as they run along the waterfront. Did anyone decide to be a penguin this year for Halloween? Honestly should have been one and embraced the waddle from all the backpacks I’ve carried this year 😂
Flying over Catalina Island was unreal. We had talked about doing this for the past year and a half since we moved to California and finally made it happen last weekend! After seeing it from the air I definitely want to check it out more from the ground. New goal is attending the Catalina Wine Mixer this year 🤘🏼
Watching the sunrise over the city center of Beijing was unreal. This walled complex was the political heart of China during many of its dynasties. I always love learning more about places like this. Right after this, we hopped straight in a cab to the nearest noodle house. After hours of walking that morning, it might have been the best noodles I’ve eaten. Good food and views like this always make my day.
This place was a dream. Walking along this boardwalk in Tahiti each day looking for different fish below was unreal. Always thankful for these experiences. I spent the past week catching up on projects and excited for what’s to come. I hope everyone has a great start to the week!
Traveling to Nagano and seeing these beauties was one of my favorite parts of visiting Japan. I definitely wouldn’t mind having their lifestyle of eating all day and then soaking in these hot springs. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!
Recounting morning chats with the awesome crew out in Utah this past spring, this morning we sent out early to get the glow on the sandstone around us. We were lucky enough to catch it. Who else loves this red rock wonderland? Also shoutout to @sarcourt for always killing it!
Checking out this greenhouse was a crazy experience. I am always curious if there will be more buildings like this in the future to preserve certain vegetation. This climate controlled dome is one of the largest in the world and isn’t a bad spot to cool off during a hot Singapore day. Toss me underneath the mist fan!
It’s easy to get caught up in things instead of enjoying the moment that you’re in. Getting to this spot was a whirlwind, with an hour-long hike leading up to this cliff we were left with only 25 minutes to capture this sunset. After all of the madness, I decided to take just a seat and enjoy the view. I’ve been working on being present while I’m shooting and not just being singularly focused on getting the photo. Shooting less and enjoying more has been a shift in mindset for sure but so far I’m loving the outcome.