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The highest tide in decades has submerged more than 85% of Venice in floodwaters, causing catastrophic damage to the historic Italian lagoon city and its monuments. "Venice is on its knees," said Mayor Luigi Brugnaro blaming climate change for Venice's second-worst flooding on record and declaring a state of emergency. The flooding, prompted by strong winds that pushed a high tide into the city, has caused at least one death — an elderly man was electrocuted while trying to repair a hydraulic pump — closed schools, theaters, and conservatories; submerged the crypt at St. Mark's Basilica; and sunk motorboats and ferries, a critical mode of transportation. Venice was built on a series of small islands in a shallow lagoon and has slowly been sinking, a situation exacerbated by rising sea levels as a result of climate change. The flooding this week is the highest recorded in the city since an unprecedented flood in 1966. (📸: Getty) . . . #venice #italy #flooding #climatechange #climatecrisis #stopclimatechange #europe #weather
Bushfires across Australia's most populated state of New South Wales have killed three people and ravaged more than 3,800 square miles of land. States of emergency have been declared in Queensland and New South Wales as dry weather and strong winds continue to create catastrophic fire conditions as 1,500 firefighters are attempting to contain the blazes. New South Wales state emergency services minister David Elliott said it could be “the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen.” (📸: Getty Images) #australia #newsouthwales #queensland #australiabrushfires
In November 1989, the Berlin Wall came down after nearly 30 years of separating East Berlin from the West. These pictures capture the emotional moments when Germany became whole again 🇩🇪🎉 (📸: Pool Chute Du Mur Berlin, Alain Nogues, David Turnley, Patrick Piel/Getty Images)
Beginning next year September, all state schools in Italy will dedicate 33 hours a year to studying climate change, Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti told Reuters this week. “I want to make the Italian education system the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school,” he said. Fioramonti, a member of the anti-establishment Five Star movement, has proposed taxes on plane tickets and plastic during his time in office, and also encouraged students to skip school and take part in climate protests, according to Reuters. (📸: Reuters) . . . #rome #italy #climatechange #climatecrisis #students #education #globalwarming #europe #venice
The historic agreement was struck between the Football Federation Australia and Professional Footballers Australia to close the pay gap between the women’s national team, the Westfield Matildas, and the men’s national team, the Caltex Socceroos. The women’s team, which was previously paid less than the men’s and took home a smaller share of revenue, will now split an equal share of the revenue from game days, merchandise, broadcasts, and sponsorships under a four-year deal, the Football Federation Australia said in a statement. Matildas players will also be allowed to travel business class on international flights — the same as the men’s team. Both teams were also granted a larger share of any future World Cup prize money. ⚽️ (📝: @olivianiland, 📸: Reuters) . . . #australia #westfieldmatildas #matildas #socceroos #equalpay #paygap #womensrights #soccer #football #parity
Mishael Hyat, Leila Alam, and Laiba Siddiqi, have accused the government of Punjab of violating their right to life and health by under-reporting the severity of Lahore’s polluted air. The teenagers filed a petition with the Lahore High Court with their complaints, aided by Alam’s father who’s serving as their lawyer. The air pollution emergency in Pakistan and India has become an annual event lasting from October to January, partly caused by the burning of crop stubble by farmers in the North Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, and Pakistan’s general industrial, agricultural and transportation practices. Warmer temperatures as a result of climate change mean that the smog hovers over this region. The situation has led to New Delhi declaring a public health emergency, where schools were closed and planes were unable to land because of the pollution. (📸: Getty, Laiba Siddiqi, Ahmad Rafay Alam, Mishael Hyat) . . . #pakistan #india #pollution #smog #girlpower #genz #activism #teenactivists #climatechange #climatecrisis #globalwarming #newdelhi #punjab
The men were cleared sexual assault charges Thursday because the victim, who was 14 at the time of the attack, was unconcious and therefore did not fight back when the men performed sexual acts on her at a party in in Barcelona in 2016. Spanish law dictates that an attack must involve violence or intimidation to be considered rape or sexual assault. Instead, the men were charged with sexual abuse and sentenced to 10-12 years in prison, CNN reported. The outcome has sparked outrage and demands for legal reform to classify all sexual activity without consent as assault. Describing the attack as "extremely severe and especially denigrating,” the court awarded the victim about €12,000, or $13,400 in damages, the BBC reported. Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, called the sentence “outrageous” in a tweet, saying “only YES is YES.” She described the attack as “not abuse, it’s rape!” (📝: @olivianiland, 📸: AP) . . . #barcelona #spain #victimsrights #trial #court #justice #injustice #survivor #womensrights
BuzzFeed News’s analysis suggests that gun sales are increasing in the Amazon states at a faster rate than the rest of the country under far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, whose family has ties to the US’s National Rifle Association. Visit the link in our bio for more on this story.(📸: Joao Laet / AFP / Getty Images, Mauro Pimentel / AFP / Getty Images) . . . #amazon #rainforest #fires #wildfires #guns #gunrights #savetheamazon #climatechange #climatecrisis #globalwarming #brazil #amazonrainforest
Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrating the victory of goodness and light over darkness, held each year in the fall. Celebrations typically last for five days, and include the lighting of lanterns, candles and fireworks, cleaning, decorating, feasting, and honoring elderly family members and animals. Diwali is celebrated in countries including India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and more. (📸: AP, Getty) . . . #diwali #diwali2019 #diwalidecor #diwaliparty #festivaloflights #hindu #india #nepal #bangladesh #seasia #asia #southeastasia #travel #explore #holidays #celebration
Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, has elected its first woman mayor. Claudia López, also one of the country’s first openly lesbian politicians, is a former journalist who ran on a promise to weed out corruption. The center-left politician from the Green Alliance party will serve in one of the country's most powerful political positions, making her victory an important milestone for both women and members of LGBTQ communities, according to NBC News. "This is the day of the woman," López said during her victory speech. "We knew that only by uniting could we win. We did that. We united, we won, and we made history!" (📝: @sara_________yasin, 📷: @gettyimages) #colombia #bogota #elections #gayrights #womensrights #historic #lgbtq 🌈
Uluru, the iconic red rock in Australia’s Northern Territory, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the remote desert each year. But climbing Uluru has been controversial due to its spiritual significance to the inidgenous Anangu people, who control the surrounding park and have for decades asked tourists not to scale the rock. The climbing ban, which was announced in 2017, was implemented Friday as hundreds of people from around the world waited in line for hours to make the final climb, according to the BBC. A trail and metal railing are expected to be dismantled this weekend, Reuters reported. Most people who visit Uluru don’t make the climb, though dozens of tourists have died from falls and dehydration. Once better known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a "very sacred place, [it's] like our church,” one Anangu man told the BBC. “It’s rather emotional, having elders who picked up this long journey before I was born to close the climb,” a park ranger told the Guardian. “They’re no longer here, but we’re carrying their legacy to close the climb.” (📝: @olivianiland, 📸: Getty/AP) . . . #australia #uluru #ulurukatatjutanationalpark #hiking #oz #australian #northernterritory #travel #nationalpark
Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 19, died in April after she was lured onto a rooftop and set on fire for refusing to withdraw her complaint against the principal at her Islamic school, who she said had inappropriately touched her. Prosecutors say the attackers wanted to pass the teen's murder off as as a suicide, but she was able to escape and seek help. The 16 people sentenced included the school's principal Siraj Ud Doula, two other teachers, some of Rafi's classmates, and local political leaders from Bangladesh's ruling Awami League party. (📸: Sazzad Hossain / AFP / Getty Images, Munir Uz Zaman / Getty Images) . . . #bangladesh #womensrights #justice #humanrights #nusratrafi #sexualharassment #stopsexualharassment